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International Society for Molecular Electronics and BioComputing

Central Res Inst for Chemistry         Tel:    +36-1-266-9833x2504
HAS, H-1525 Budapest 114, P.O.Box 17   Fax:    +36-1-266-0206
HUNGARY                                E-mail: mebc@caesar.elte.hu

Peter Rajczy                           Tel:   +36-1-266-9833x2504 
Department of Biological Physics           Fax:   +36-1-266-0206 
Eotvos University Budapest HUNGARY     E-mail: rajczy@caesar.elte.hu
For local points of contact, membership information, officers and committee members as well as other information about ISMEBC see the page 'About the Society'.

MEBC Electronic Communications (MEC):

To add information to the ISMEBC pages, please contact Péter Rajczy (rajczy@caesar.elte.hu) or Klaus-Peter Zauner (kjz@cs.wayne.edu).